Who knows?


This blog is likely to be, as its author’s private journal has been for some time now, about growing old and loving serious books in a surrounding culture that often seems alien to these predicaments.  However, since one cannot predict the happenings of any future day, a log of life’s journey is necessarily a work in progress and surprise.  As my friend Zoe would ask, whiningly:  “How do I know what I think ’til I see what I say?”  My other little old lady friends, Alma and Billie, would just nod wisely and think about something pleasant to add, most likely a non sequitur:

ALMA:  “Knock, knock.”

BILLIE:  “Who’s there?”

ALMA:  “Little old lady.”

BILLIE:  “Little old lady who?”

ALMA:  “My word!  I didn’t know you could yodel!”

BILLIE:  “If one can read, one can do anything.”

ZOE:  “I don’t get it.”

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