The Rumford Falls Times tells
of a man at Vigilante Farm under
a photo of him, carrying feed on his back,
with five piglets following beside, behind.

(They might be thinking, if pigs do think,
adorations of the man.  Not for his mind
but what he carries in his sack.)

The Times tells how the man’s
made sure he would not love
or grow attached.  He named the piggies
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper, Snack.

They follow him, headed out of the photo
into the newsprint, unconcerned,
blinded by love.  His name is
Sack of Food on  Back.

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  1. You are so smart. This poem is so smart. And why is it loving? Did you mean that? How do we know he will love those piglets anyhow?

    I want the piggies to love him back for MORE than what’s in the sack, Cynthia! Yes, the poem and his expressed sentiment toward them–it’s only fair, but still…

    “into the newsprint”. great.

    • I just discovered your comment here, Babe. Love your questions, and that you enjoyed the poem. It was just one of those “one off” occurrences of a poem as I was reading the local weekly….which usually takes only five minutes for me to read. I liked the name of the farm, and the fact that the farmer gave those names to the piggies! Thanks for reading; I guess you’ve been browsing, I keep discovering your comments long after you’ve been here, sorry for the delayed response.

      • Never any apology due for delay, Cynthia. I left someone hanging for two years, and todate, they have ignored my belated response–can one blame them? I have learned that WP notifications do not always engage. I double-checked this when I saw a comment show on a recent post but didn’t recall seeing the notif., and, indeed, there was none–nor email, which I have set to yes.

        As to browsing, as I find the time… So difficult. I would love to read your entire blog, start to finish.

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