(originally posted december 2012)

Certain days were made holy—diamonds
wedged into the dark ore of drudgery
so we might twinkle and remember
what we wanted never to forget.

We made them special
with our voices and our feet,
with song, dance, gifts,
beautiful vestments, roasted meat.

Not to mention drink
drunk to the point of hilarity
until no matter how we tried
to keep the thing, the thing

we wanted never to forget,
it slipped away again
while we were laughing, laughing
O so hard, we cried.



And here’s a Christmas card to all my faithful readers with best wishes for the season…

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  1. “But Once a Year” (page 14) – great poem. Check ‘might’ on line 3; it is correct in ‘A Certain Age’.
    Your Christmas card triggers many thoughts and some laughter. It made me realize how little I know you even though I thought otherwise through reading your lovely poetry. This is quite a different dimension and certainly keeps you young! Merry Christmas and a big hug!

    • Thanks for that “heads up” on the typo, Jane….I’ve corrected it here but it seems just as stubborn as if written in stone on the ‘re-blog…whew!..glad it’s correct in my book! 🙂 You mean that event on my Christmas card isn’t real??? A big hug to you too!

  2. Hi Cynthia, another one of your lovely poems and I love the christmas card too. I wish you a very nice and peaceful Christmas and a very good 2015 ❤ xxx Hugs dear {{{ Cynthia }}}

    • Dear Ina,
      We wordsmiths should be able to offer words of consolation, but when faced with the most difficult moments, I am as dumbstruck as anyone. You are looking right in the face of such a moment and all I can do is hope you know I am walking with you in compassion. I wish you great courage, this Christmas season, and into the new year…be gentle with Ina and Toussaint…..take care..


  3. That is the most OUTRAGEOUS piece of CFX I’ve ever seen !!! – can you imagine two jets flying with wing-tips touching ??????
    Still. It IS fun.

      • I’m sorry to disappoint you, Cynthia, for I imagine you were completely taken in by it. I mean, being the little old lady that you are … {grin}
        X ! O ! to you for this silly season …

  4. Well, I always liked this poem Cynthia; especially that last explosive line. I like the video too. Which one are you: the one at the top seeing farthest or the one at the bottom holding up the whole pyramid? 🙂

  5. Hi Cyn,
    I loved your marvelous poem and unusually and fabulous Christmas Card. You have captured the extraordinary when everyone else is caught up in the everyday bustle. Eileen

    • What a treat to have you here, commenting, Eileen! It’s all about trade-offs, I guess…being alone, especially at this time of year, isn’t the easiest thing, but to be free to simply watch the hustle and bustle without jumping into it has its pleasures, too. I never in my life lived alone, until these past few years, so it’s all discovery…and adventure, still. I’m glad you liked the video, especially. Maybe when your “over-peopleated” events are past, we can raise a glass (graced with Beefeater’s) over a nice chatty phone visit…A bientôt!

  6. Dear Cynthia,

    ‘But Once A Year’ is a beautiful poem of real depth. The true spirit of Christmas is something to embrace and celebrate. But yes, it can be lost through over-indulgence, “…laughing/ O so hard, we cried.”

    Will we ever get the balance right? Our chance is coming again…

    I love the video-card too. The aerial Christmas tree formation, complete with twinkling lights, is no less a potent image for being conjured through human ingenuity.

    A wonderful post altogether.

    Best wishes for the Festive Season,


  7. From my brief comment-based interaction with you, I think that this combination of a thoughtful and thought-provoking poem and the totally-bananas video is totally you. Thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year too.

    • Thank you for such a nice kind of compliment, Ankur.. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits to your blog, and look forward to whatever hilarious satire you will concoct next. (Maybe I’ll start a new blog and call it The Thoughful Banana!) 🙂

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