She stands before a colored map
to tell me whether the weather
will cooperate with my own hap.

She pushes numbers through her sieve
then cooks insurance reasons
for how long I just might live.

She calculates the fault line in my family tree
and sends my blood in vials to labs
to tell my fortune “scientifically”.

Such is the itch to keep at bay
and to control the monster FUTURE
which, when finally it comes, is D.O.A.

I spit upon my finger, raise it to the wind
each time.  I ruminate or contemplate
with my own gut and mind

whether to believe the fateful drone
of experts circling all around these days,
or trust an ancient nudging in the bone.

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  1. Thoughtful question. Like Mutual Fund advisories say, “past performance is no indicator of future performance of the fund”. While good to use information that is available, you still need to take what can only be called “a call”.

    • What a pleasant surprise to find your comment here today. The WP archives are often forgotten, but maybe you do your unique kind of browsing, as I do. Thank you for bringing my thoughts back to this one today, and for your kind comment. Happy New Year!

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