A whole wall of windows to the southeast of
the house allows the sun abundant access

to a green-serene, high-ceilinged room
where trapezoids of light fall on the carpet

and invite the family animals to bask.
Here comes the dog, in search of parking space.

Being of great size–no sunny patch
will be quite large enough–she is obliged to spin

until her blind man’s buff causes
the twirl itself to choose if head or rump

will lie in shade.  Dog decision made,
the girl cat sidles perilously close,

squints left, then right, then nonchalantly
stretches to a lounging mass of legs and fluff.

The boy cat, all noblesse oblige,
takes his reserved, tacitly acknowledged place.

Drawn to their warm, imaginary blankets
spread upon the floor, these beloved creatures

bring to mind the worshipful habitués
of côte d’azur, cote d’or.  As the sun reaches

they respond, grab on, luxuriate
and , for this brief moment, even teach.

Should a phone call come for any one of them
I’ll say they are away, gone to the beach.

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  1. I’m just taking a well-deserved lunch break to enjoy a refreshing, delightful poem. Oh, how our pets just worship the sun and its warmth.! I just loved this poem and how it captures an animal’s quest for that place in the sun wherever it is. Eileen P.S. I read the poem to my Toby Keith and Bridie Mae as they were fighting over the small sun spot in the living room at the end of the day.

  2. I’ve been enjoying this one again Cynthia. It’s simply gorgeous. Witty, amusing and somehow thoughtful and positive about Life – you know, the L-word, the thing some of us drone on about at greater length and with less charm!

    • Amazing! Your comment has just rescued me from a brief slough of despond and renewed my resolve to get back to the mindset that engendered this poem! I seem to have lost it along the way to here.
      Of course you had no way of knowing that, but lately the blogging experience has been getting me down, and isn’t it funny how a few good words can bring the sunshine back. Thank you, dear John.

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