—-The French author Honore de Balzac (1799-1850) said that to dream of
literary projects—even those one may never write—is to smoke enchanted cigarettes.

Ah, yes, Balzac, I am a smoker
of enchanted cigarettes, daydreaming
literary wonders I will never write.

Should we meet for a petit’ aperitif
some evening at Les Deux Magots
together we might watch our fragrant puffs

rise potently in cupolas of silken smoke.
Or am I thinking of another almost novel
someone almost wrote?  Not cupolas but

parasols, I think—gossamer ethereals
above our heads.  Was that your bright
idea or mine?  Garçon!  Another drink!

There’s time yet to convince those parasols
to be black bumbershoots in fog or
even morph to mushroom clouds.

We are too loud to listen to
a limit for our skies.  Soon enough
a would-have-been becomes a never-was.

What never saw the light is no more
unto dust than many a blighted text
the western welkin proudly shone upon.

Allons, tonight let us to airy somethings
be enthralled.  Just think if the abode of angels,
our firmament, had not been hatched at all.

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    • I wonder if these smokes might actually be good for one’s health, (as opposed to those I quit smoking many years ago but still enjoy in my dreams) at least they do no harm…thanks for the compliment!

      • Thank you Cynthia, for your good wishes! The journey will be what it is! I dread the wheelchair bit but am trying to befriend it as it is helping me to get there! No doubt a poem will emerge from the experience! 🙂

  1. I love your poetry Cynthia – it is all gentle and loving and casts new revelations onto well known objects and ideas. I enjoyed the infusion of some French and the distinct impression that the writer is imbibing as well as smoking ending up a tad tipsy? Cheerio, Jane

    • Yes, it is a tipsy poem, what with all that sky imagery. But it would have been a heady thing, wouldn’t it, to hang out at a Parisian sidewalk cafe with all those everybodies who were nobodies but became famous sombodies in the pantheon of literature. For your very kind comment, Jane, merci beaucoup.

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