I’m told I was the apple
of his eye.  How small yet
comforting a thought this
sudden fruit of memory
amid the dry moods of
autumnal drift and drought.

I think I’m older now
than he was then.
I almost hear him
humming home from work
a clink of ice
a glug of amber booze.

I sense his
reaching out again
to grasp and lift me
with a godlike jerk
then dance me
as I stand upon his shoes.

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  1. Oh Cynthia this is just lovely. What vivid images I have from my childhood reading this! You paint a gorgeous memory for me! My dad used to dance me around with my feet on his shoes , and he wore Old Spice too! Oh gosh! suddenly it all seems like yesterday. Something like this makes me determined to treasure every minute. I have wasted far too many. Oh listen to me!!! 😊

    • I continue to be amazed, Christine,, at how many childhood memories we have in common…..buttercup, singer sewing machines, parties, and now old spice and dancing on shoes. Are you sure you didn’t grow up in the foothills of New England’s White Mountains?

      (By the way, I had to “approve” your comment this time. Are you changing your gravatar?)

  2. A good one Cynthia. I especially enjoyed the lines:
    “humming home from work
    a clink of ice
    a glug of amber booze.”
    This one obviously touched many of us different ways for I see that several of your other followers remember the dancing while these three evoked my loving memories.
    Cheerio, Jane

    • I like how you do not do platitudes, Jane. Interesting, isn’t it, how we take away our unique readings from the same text. I used to be amazed by that, but no longer; now I say “vive la difference!” Thank you, once again, for your visit and kind words.

  3. My daughters and son will always be my life.

    And you, Cynthia my dear – you’ll always be Daddy’s girl too 🙂

    Oh, I see that Jane beat me to it regarding the “…. clink of ice …. a glug of amber booze …. ” For a moment there I wondered how did she know about my ‘I’m back! – home routine’ 🙂

    Luv and hugz,

    • I did not know about the elfje form until I came upon your site and enjoyed some of the examples. I expect I won’t be able to resist trying it myself, sometime soon…..Thank you for your visit!

  4. Hiyacynth,

    I was the tick of his heart and the apple of his eye (Gramp–remember him?)
    So glad to find this cozy community and how well you deserve it–a larger one
    you couldn’t accommodate one on one, which is so priceless. Excelsior! So
    glad you haven’t stopped writing and are sharing it!

    • Oh yes, I do remember, and much of it I treasure….Harvard Square, Kenmore Square…even after the maelstrom of life that has since swept us to such different places….Ever onward, but friendship forever…I am so pleased that you stopped by…Cynth

  5. This reminds me of Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz” but I prefer your poem about your grandfather because it is more mysteriously allusive/elusive. How wonderful to have been the apple of somebody’s eye!

    • I would guess most of us were at some point “the apple of….” only we were too young to savor it…and then that generation passed away and we grew into our non-wondrous selves.

      ( I usually eschew editing comments, but I’m making the title change you point out in your second comment and deleting this last. No apology necessary; it got right by me, and that Roethke poem is very familiar, though I always thought it a bit terrifying.) Cheers!

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