The no
that comes out
lives in my telephone
a sleeping thing
all innocence uncouth

until some
certain persons ring
jangling the gears and
fear says
they might hate me
if I spoke the truth.

The no
that comes out
is a poor ghost
shaken to its feet
before it is awake

if you shock
a spirit
it will flee
into the nearest
body it can take.

16 responses »

  1. This one made be laugh – it is simple and profound. I think that the body which it took is mine! You have a great repertoire with so much variety and all expertly executed. Thank you,

    • I love that you laughed, Jane. Sometimes it does seem like we humans could be inhabited by something like poltergeists, only they use upsetting words instead of knockings….which reminds me of your excellent short story about such hauntings….

  2. Those ghosts! I like this poem very much, the rhythm and the meaning.The yes sometimes comes as a no too πŸ™‚ We can’t always be true to ourselves perhaps? xx

  3. Some simply don’t want to disappoint – a misplaced kindness, perhaps.

    Others simply feel coerced – an inferiority complex, perhaps.

    So, some wear masks and others lose themselves in a crowd. Prince and pedestrian, they end up in a body not necessarily their own.

    As for myself, I hurry along, hands deep in my pockets and eyes on the ground – I don’t hear the telephone, I rather not.

    Cynthia dear – your poem was so compelling that it triggered the above.


    • I enjoy your thoughtful peregrinations, Eric. “Misplaced kindness” is a good expression for a lot of trouble-making, isn’t it? And as for the telephone, it’s not a whistling tea kettle. As always, I appreciate your visit.

  4. Oh I love this Cynthia! And this is me too!!!

    The second atanza spoke volumes to me of the people pleaser I used to be. Im ot as bad as I used to be but that defiant yes can still come out when I mean no! 😊. There will always be that little part of me that is desperate to be liked and thought of as a good person by others. I am a good person, my own opinion should be all I need but… 😊

    • Hello Christine….as I read your comment I’m thinking that maybe the need to please others is a good thing actually, and we should keep it even as we pray for the wisdom of indifference to any reward or reflection upon ourselves. Heck, now you’ve got me wading into deeper waters. Thanks a whole bunch, and take care.

  5. After the final no, there often comes a yes. And after the yes, there comes a silent, stubborn “no” that lives a little unnourished shadow life in the interiori.

    • And it’s those little interiori we might have to worry about, I think. Hello, hello, Natalie! I was just thinking recently about sending you a missive via snail mail. I’ve moved to a new address. Maybe over the holidays…..Thank you for your visit, and your comments!

  6. I’m here browsing again Cynthia. I’ve liked this one each time I’ve come across it. It is constructed neatly, flows naturally and has that rueful reflective humour. πŸ™‚

    • Hello John, It makes me happy to know you read the “archives”. I read your own on a regular basis, as well as those of my other few favorites among blogger friends. I’ve a sneaky suspicion that past postings are simply over and done in the eyes of most followers. But we are not mere followers…we are readers! “Follow the reader,” I always say. (sorry). Glad you like this little poem, too. Thanks for taking the time to say so.:-)

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