brown as he is and
small can get fed-up
with scratching at steel wall

while bread alone
grows stale on silent
night in the breadbox.

This is enough
and not enough, he says
starved as he is and
a fool for screaming ladies
tottering on chairs.

Too long in this house
not having seen a lily
or a field

this is enough
excuse for a circus.

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  1. 🙂 This made me smile, lovely.

    We have a mouse in the house too. I can hear him/her at night. As long as he/she isn’t eating the wires, I don’t mind much. Last year one ate a hole in the wall so husband killed it 😦 I hope this one will survive!

    • Mice haven’t a chance around here. My cat Lulu is a true huntress and has been known to present me with a beheaded mouse beside my bed when I awoke one morning…this mouse however, will survive…..I borrowed him from the American children’s classic poem, “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”, which begins………’Twas the night before Christmas/And all through the house,/Not a creature was stirring/Not even a mouse..” a long poem including all the names of Santa’s reindeer, which even some three-year-olds I know can recite from memory!

  2. Oh this is such a sweet, sad poem Cynthia, I feel sorry for the mouse unable to be with the lilies in the field. I dont know if it was intentional but the “silent night” gave it a seasonal touch.

    Why do mice and spiders etc induce screaming I wonder? I expect studes abound on this! X

  3. Hi Cynthia, I’m glad to say that this poem immediately launched me into ‘The night before Christmas’. It gives a different POV to the mouse which I found refreshing. Poor little fellow! I know that you wrote that he doesn’t need pity but somehow the poem evokes some.
    Merry Christmas! Jane

    • Greetings, Jane! Maybe that’s how the illustrious career of Mickey was launched; some nice lady like you took a shine to the “poor little fellow” …or some nice man like Walt Disney. I find it interesting that the earliest renderings of Mickey were much more rodent-like–less cute–than today’s version. As usual, your comment sets me pondering! Merry, Happy…..

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