At dawn, half-awakened
by a whine in the still dim

before limn-light, I wait
beside the door

as the perfect spot
on ice, in wet, is sought
away from this and
nearer that (made worse
in winter given all
along the trail is cold)

over same old ground
now back, now forth
until the centrifuge begins
around the spot, the spin
moves in, faster, tighter
towards the go—

(of a shrimp, the crouch;
of a frog, the squat)

for a black dog’s unburdening
in a garden white with snow.

10 responses »

  1. Oh absolutely spot on (sort of pun?) not intended! This is just perfect Cynthia. I can feel the cold under the belly and I have stood in that place where you stood too, by the door. Oh what a wonderful image so fabulously captured. And you have given me a big smile too.

    • You know it, Christine…..and pre-positioning can be so persnickety with a female dog, that one who is waiting by the door can become irritable. But it’s no use getting angry with nature…as we know.

  2. Since I have neither dog nor snow I had to read this one twice before I got it – and then how I enjoyed it. You capture the action perfectly making this mundane act into a thing of amusement and beauty – lovely!

    • Thank you for your appreciative words, Jane, but don’t you see that this is merely a study in English prepositions? (smiley face) At this point in time, I truly envy you your lack of snow.

  3. I love the skill and fun of this poem! especially “until the centrifuge begins around the spot, the spin
    moves in, faster, tighter towards the go—” so clever, so “right on”! aren’t we so grateful that they are still willing to go outside to do their necessities! and when they no longer are, well, we’ll find our way…

    • I can’t significantly walk Chloe anymore, so I’m glad our new home has a big fenced back yard where she can run and frolic with her canine “cousin”, although Chloe, too, has slowed with arthritis….

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