The Muse is usually a she
according to art history.
More than once I’ve
served in that capacity.

I’ve also known it as a he
a love, an ardent kind
of sustenance, a boon
to heart and mind.

In the end I think
it is a voice inside
wherever the best
part of me abides.

It is ancient, bardic,
will not be cajoled
or come when called
or do as it is told.

“Do the work,” it says,
“and leave the door ajar.
Do not worry.
I know where you are.”

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  1. That is lovely! The muse, I prefer to think him as male lol. 🙂 But you are right, it is like a voice inside yourself. Keep the door ajar! That is such a nice metaphor. You never know when the muse slips in! 🙂

  2. This is so powerful, so. Rey powerful! You took my breath away, Cyn! YES! Thank you for continuing to open to this inspiration and share it

    • My be up so early reading poetry..I love it, and I love that you like this one, Julie. Thanks for saying so. It just started to snow here, AGAIN! Can you hear my scream all the way ‘cross country in Cincinnati? Mercy!

  3. Oh Cynthia, there are so many phrases in this that jump out! I would just end up copying out the whole poem! I just loved it all the way through. And then the last stanza, well it totally brought your muse to life! I might pop over to yours and make it a cup if coffee; it will have to be a quick one though as he/she/it is always busy!

  4. Oh I do like this. I have 2 muse–one is male, an ardent ghost-love from long ago and forever; the other is the Holy Spirit. Both are with me always and keep me going.

  5. Well I think it is evident that the Muse comes pushing on your door pretty regularly Cynthia. Maybe it’s the coffee you offer, or something more warming, or maybe he or she comes for the conversation! I guess the conversation.

    • Isn’t that a nice thought! Of course, only my side of th a conversation is audible, and though seeming to talk to oneself used to be considered eccentric at best, now with the ubiquitous cell phone, the sound of a lone individual walking down the street and talking out loud is quite normal. My muse and I appreciate that…and we very much enjoyed your a-musing comment!

  6. To Cyn,
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. I think my muse is a voice that I often fail to acknowledge. This poem made me realize how much useless chatter I allow into my mind to the point that I fail to hear my muse. A delightful, thought-provoking poem.

  7. I agree the muse is usually a she. Sometimes when it is not a she (it can be anything), I add the feminine virtues of gentleness and compassion to it and consider it a she all the same.

  8. Great poem Cynthia! I noticed that like Christine and myself, your muse is a coffee drinker. Ah, imagine the fun our muses could have over some coffee? 🙂

    Many years ago I wrote a short piece giving that voice an image. However, I have learned that my muse is sometimes a trickster. At times it seems female but if I try to pin her down, changes take place and often my muse is a faerie/brownie/pixie that lives in the beautiful country that surrounds me.

    • kind of you… Woke up this morning to a sunny, white, glistening world.(will be lookin’ at that white part for some time, I think, since it’s just about all there is to look at!) One good thing about this town is that they’re used to severe winters so quick and well-equipped to clear roads, driveways, walks, etc. Also, we never lost the ‘lectric juice, so heat and light did abide…whew! Dog and cats hardly noticed, though dog seemed to experience some consternation as she tried to squat in two feet of snow first thing this morning….so that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. You’re a sweetheart for inquiring. Thank you.

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