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  1. Wonderful 🙂 I can see you now: balanced gracefully on one leg on Chuck Norris’ head and reciting this poem with Enya melodiously humming along in the background….. [Due to safety concerns we’ll do without the planes] 🙂 Happy Christmas dear friend xoxo

    • Great laughs here, Pauline. Actually, I’m not that graceful even on two legs these days, but I do enjoy the picture you have painted. Now the planes could be symbols of the two hemispheres united above the clouds by persons in good spirit for the season, no? I hope your lovely plans are issuing forth beautiful happy days, these days. Much love. 🙂

    • Definitely a lot of magic–or miracles– going on there, with St. Chuck… 🙂

      And….I was very moved by what you had to say to me in the comment section of your recent blog (Dec. 22)….probably the best gift I will receive this holiday season. My deeply heartfelt thank you.

  2. Happy Christmas, Cyn. I am in Seattle, spending a week helping my niece and her husband with their first (in vitro) baby at age 39….quite a trip! ( This is one of the two girls,daughters of my brother Brian that I am godmother to and whose mother has been MIA since they were young….) Nice way to spend Solstice, my birthday and Christmas….I will be in touch when I get back on the 26th. Hope you are well.

    • You are so, so good….. Give a call, sometime, when you feel like it, sometime after your boxing day return to Cincinnati. (I stay up late, as you know). Meanwhile, Joyeux Noël, et Bonne Anniversaire!

  3. I was going to say your poem was side-splitting until I saw the video! I did begin with a giggle on the limerick, and then a loud laugh – thank you. Regarding the video – OMG! – the days of the castrati are not over I see… Happy Yuletide, and do don your gay apparel. Fa lala lalaa, lala la laa.

    • Judging from his voice, I would say Chuck Norris escaped ever being a castrato….but, as one of our presidents (you know which one) was fond of saying: I feel your pain.
      This fakery is such a hoot and lives in such an imaginative world, I couldn’t resist; illusions are what this season is all about, in my book. And thank you for the happy yuletide wishes; when I find my gay apparel, I will certainly don it.

      • I had meant to add – albeit Xmastime – that “I feel your pain” is probably better than “I am a pain” (not said but should be, by said ex-President’s spouse.) I could write a book on the seasonal “illusions” – it makes me mad when they go looking for a comet as the star, and the three kings, and the flight into Egypt, and… it’s Aggadic Midrash – and we just don’t have this literary genre in the West… enough from me! Enough from me! Happy Christmas dear person!

        • As I reply to your comment here, it is still only the morning of Christmas Eve and I Imagine you are now rising to Christmas morning in New Zealand….Santa has been and gone. But I hope he left you something small and vain and silly, and also something, maybe invisible, of your heart’s desire, as can sometimes happen when we live through another yuletide season. Happy Christmas to you, too, dear Bruce.

    • Oh of course it had to be faked, Hilary….like so many things, this time of year. I hope you will have a happy season (still can’t believe those daffodils in bloom) and that next year will be a really good one for you, as you launch your new book!

  4. I was going to attempt a response in Hawaiian. Google translate does not offer Hawaiian or Polynesian. So, instead, in Maori:
    Ki te koe i kotiro ra he tino pai, kia koe te tiki waimarie, ka kitea Chuck Norris i raro i tou rakau Kirihimete.

    • Ha hahahaha hah! Google says it’s: “If you’re a girl really good, you may get lucky and find Chuck Norris under your Christmas tree!”

      After this splitting trick I suspect he would be nothing but sore and complaining, Babe, about a serious groin injury…”Oh my poor torn abductors, my poor torn abductors,” he would be moaning, and (you know how they are) expecting exorbitant amounts of tea and sympathy. Nope. I like him right there, up in the clouds.

      • I was going to address that groin issue, but I barely managed to pull off a grammatically-correct semantically-sensible statement at all. Either Maori is tricky, or Google and I together are slow-witted.

        • It’s just a question of two supposedly intelligent women trusting something called google to speak for them in a language they haven’t got a clue about….silly beyond silly… but fun.

    • Glad you liked that superman split, Derrick. It was difficult for me to manage all those guys, and the two planes at once!
      My very best wishes to you and Jackie for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!

  5. Your greeting poem warmed me with a smile. Merry Christmas, m’dear. But the video made me acutely uncomfortable even though I knew it to be a set-up; reindeer in the sky are my preference, however it did give me a good laugh – goal accumplished1

    • Oh, Jane…reindeer in the sky? how comfortable and believable is that? (I’m doing an unscientific musing/study of what might make some persons—you’re not the only one—uncomfortable about that video…) but I’m glad you had a good laugh, at any rate. 🙂 All my warmest wishes of the season to you, my friend.

    • Hello Ellen! Thanks for stopping by. You are the second person to describe that video as “random”…..and I don’t know the use of that word in this context. (I can be a bit behind in knowing the latest expressions being used about… 🙂 ) But I’m so glad you got a kick out of it and I wish you many blessings in this coming new year!

    • Hello, hello, Inese! How nice of you to come by and leave a comment! I used to send a lot of Christmas cards but this year decided to “kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak. I wish you, also, a good new year– full of pleasures and blessings.

      • Thank you so much Cynthia! I am making rounds visiting the blogs I follow, and it takes time 🙂 From the other hand, I don’t mind reading 2-3 posts at once. 🙂 Hope for a great New Year – we need a good one.

        • I have enjoyed your comments on other blogs and now you remind me to do something I have been meaning to do, anyway, which is to visit your blog…..and to follow. A new year’s resolution quite pleasant to accomplish! 🙂

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