We have an extra day this year to spend
Fourths of time squirreled away
Four times around the sun portend
We have an extra day.

If ever votes were taken I would say
Don’t append it to flat February’s end—
I would prefer that it occur in May

For then a clement wind will lend
Splendor to the trees, a merrier sashay
Into this wondrous windfall dividend
We have… an extra day!

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    • It seems you share my perspective that it’s a gift, Yvonne, though I wonder if that’s just from the vantage point of a “a certain age…” Spend it, or save it for a rainy day, but use it for something delightful!

  1. We’re celebrating it with a festal meal (roast beef and pumpkin pie – not together!!) . And celebrating the day on the day, and hey, why not the day after as well, …. and the day after that… and the …

  2. An extra day, an extra year.
    there’s nothing there to make us fear.
    We walk through life alive to days
    that sing with suns or cloudy grays
    And always wish for more than we
    Can have or even hope to see.
    Ah, life goes on, we breathe with breath
    That sweetens days until. . . our death.

  3. I’ll trade my extra day in for something I’ve always wanted: the complete recordings of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. That’s the trade for an extra February day. Now what would I do for an extra day in May? I would want the option of returning said recordings.

  4. Oh yes I’m joining in the choir on this one Cynthia – lets have this one extra day moved! An extra day in May gives us all sorts of Springtime fun things to enjoy – flowers, warm breezes ~

    • It won’t be long now, Mary. Considering the way calendars come into being (see Frank’s link above) it should be pretty easy to move the extra day. Too bad it’s not our decision to make!

    • Ah, Lisa, I’m happy to hear you picked- up on the hint of tongue-in-cheek…but of course, I would guess in a heartbeat that June might be your choice for the extra day. Actually, that would be less disruptive than May, simply and unnoticeably causing just another 31 day month to the calendar!

  5. Oh yes I would prefer our leap day to cease delaying the onset of Spring and prolong its stay. Interested though to read that February 23rd used to be repeated before 29th February was chalked in.

    • I does give you a sense of how relative it all is….relative to what’s going on with the politics of a given era. At some point, when life was too busy for me to pay attention, it was decided, here in the US to move most of our traditional holidays commemorating the dates of certain historic events to Mondays…regardless of whether or not they fell on the original date. Once again our concept of Time was accommodated to special interests….in this case those who wanted more long-weekends. More and more, the young people have no idea what we’re celebrating or commemorating!

    • That’s true! Thank you for your lovely comment. I think we have a blogger friend in common–Yvonne, of the wonderful posts about Italy. I made a quick visit to your site and I see that you post bi-lingually, in French and English. That’s wonderful! I will look forward to practicing my French when I go to read there. Merci bien, Michel.

  6. All these folks wanting to add days to May or, worse, to JUNE. Please no. Spare a thought for your Southern neighbours please. Can we compromise on April? Or September?

    I always think of those with February 29th birthdays. Such a rare treat for them to celebrate on the actual day. And they’re so much younger than the rest of us.

    • April? September? Okay, I, for one, would be willing for that compromise. I had a friend, when I was in grammar school, who told me her grandmother was about to celebrate her 16th birthday…I thought it was an early April Fool”s joke of some kind, until she explained the February 29th thing. Since then, I have known several people with a leap day birthday….I must say, they were all a bit…hmm…eccentric. And who could blame them?

  7. Thank you for this poem and for preventing this gift of a day from slipping away unrecognized. I also enjoyed the link and associated history although I came way thinking that, to most, the gift is a burden not a boon!

    • Is it really a burden? I remember my classmate in the third grade telling me she was going to a birthday party for her grandmother who was going to be sweet sixteen! Though I was puzzled for a moment, we had a good laugh and employed our new ability in multiplication to realize that her grandmother was actually 64!

  8. Great idea. Like a joker in the pack. Append it to whichever month you choose. Your May suggestion “may” have the hot countries up in arms. May is the HOTTEST month of the twelve 😦

    • I know, I know…this blogging thing has made me painfully aware that my hemisphere is not the center of the world. πŸ™‚ My poor readers in Australia and New Zealand, especially, are always reminding me of how my snow poems are happening in their summer, and my spring poems in their autumn. It’s especially pertinent, since I do write a lot about seasons and weather. I like your comparison to the joker in the deck of cards….that way, I could aways choose May and you could choose a different month…to your liking! Thanks, Ankur.

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