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The sheep have flocked to the water’s edge
and now they weep
not knowing how to swim.

Above them in the usual skies, a crow
caws mockingly:
Fools! You were herded here by lies!

But now the sheep have come to love
the melodrama of
their bleating cries. Don’t judge, wallow

in the comfort of a group-think nudge.
Sheep will be sheep—
still, it’s hard to sympathize.



Someone says “I’ve got a great idea,”
and right away my mind goes
to a story with a moral I once heard:

Three generations of a Texas family
were bored and languishing on their front porch
in summer heat when someone said
“Let’s take the bus to Abilene.”
Seemed like a good idea, and so they went.

And when they got to Abilene they met
with disappointment, still too hot and bored.
On the way back home somebody said
“You know, I didn’t really want to go.”
Another person nodded then, admitting
“Nor did I, but I thought you
were wanting to, and so….”on and so on.

The moral, if there’s one, hints of a truth
about ideas: they don’t sit still,
will not be owned.  Even the good ones

come to different minds shifting their shapes
to suit a person at a time.  Copyright law
dares not even try to pin them down.

Which is why whenever I am told
brainstorming, teams, or sitting with committees
bring about the best idea, I doubt it.

But that’s only my idea.  For now.
I am not watching for the bus to Abilene
or even to the mall, for my idea is this:

sometimes a good time is not had by all,
sometimes not had by anyone at all.